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Sharon Kapnick Archives

Current Sharon Kapnick Articles

New York City award-winning author and certified sommelier Sharon Kapnick has written about wine and food for many magazines, including Time, Food & Wine, Hemispheres, Flavor & Fortune and, and many newspapers, thanks to The New York Times Syndicate. She won an APEX Award for Excellence for the story “What’s for Breakfast,” published by Hemispheres. And she contributed to The Oxford Encylopedia of Food and Drink in America, published by Oxford University Press.

Although she has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Chicago and a master’s from Boston University, the "degree” she cherishes most is the Sommelier Certificate she earned, atop the World Trade Center, from the Sommelier Society of America.


The Name on the Back of the Bottle: Wine Importers You Can Rely On
The Summer Sommelier: Reds, Whites and Rosés to Complement the Season’s Fare
Great Everyday Wines at Great Prices: Wine Producers to Rely On
Let’s Talk Turkey: Think Young, Food Friendly and Fruity When Choosing Wines for Thanksgiving
A Vintage Year for Wine Books: Gifts for Oenophiles who Are Also Bibliophiles
Beyond Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon: Four Up-and-Coming Varietals
Make Every Day Special With Reasonably Priced European Sparkling Wines
A Very Good Year: Here’s to 10 Books That Will Be A Welcome Addition to a Wine Lover’s Library
Shopping Guides for Italian and French Wines
World Wide Wine Web
Book Review: The Oxford Companion to American Food & Drink
Beyond Beer: The Best Wines to Accompany Chinese Food
Hot Diggity, Dog Diggity: What Wine to Drink with Hot Dogs — Yes, Hot Dogs!
How Sweet It Is; Dessert wines for all budgets
Food-Friendly Wines, Part One: Sparkling Wines
Food-Friendly Wines, Part Two: Sauvignon Blanc
Food Friendly Wines, Part Three: Riesling
Food Friendly Wines, Part Four: Rosés
Croft Pink Port
Food Friendly Wines, Part Five: Beaujolais
Food Friendly Wines, Part Six, Pinot Noir
Wine Book Reviews: On Inexpensive Wines, Must-Try Wines, Politics, Seasons, Corks and Beaujolais
Languedoc: This big wine-producing region in southern France offers many big bargains
All in the Family: Five Producers of Good-Value Italian Wines
Book Review: California Wines for Dummies
Chile Is Hot: Good-Value, Familiar-Varietal Wines Grab Consumers’ Attention
Chile, Part 2: Recommended Wines That Are Easy to Like, Easy on Your Pocketbook
Women Winemakers: Big House's Good-Value Selection Grows with Georgetta Dane at the Helm
Book Review: Parker’s Wine Bargains: The World’s Best Wine Values Under $25.00
State of the Packaging Art: Educational Wine Labels Help Consumers Make Smart Choices
Too Good to Miss: Ruffino Lumina Pinot Grigio 2009
Good Things Come in Threes: A Trio of Rosés – Two Sparkling, One Still
Book Review: Daring Pairings: A Master Sommelier Matches Distinctive Wines with Recipes from His Favorite Chefs
No Wimpy Wines: Zinfandel, Joel Peterson and Ravenswood Winery
Producer to Rely On: California's Landmark Vineyards Consistently Produces Top-Rated Chardonnays
Too Good to Miss: 2009 Beaujolais – A Once-in-a-Lifetime Vintage
Wine Packaging Lightens Up: More Appealing Wines Are Available in Eco-Friendly Containers, Offering Good Value and Lower Carbon Footprints
Intelligently Designed Wine Packaging Evolves: New Containers for Restaurants, Supermarkets and Home Use
On Argentina, Malbec and a Good-Value Argentinian Producer
Book Review of The Flavor Bible, Listed as One of the Ten Best Cookbooks in the World
Oldman's Brave New World of Wine; Pleasure, Value and Adventure Beyond Wine's Usual Suspects




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