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Current Reading

Constantine's Sword The Church and the Jews: A History By JAMES CARROLL - If Auschwitz has become a sacred center of Jewish identity, what does the cross there imply about the relations between Jews and Christians, and between Judaism and Christianity? These questions were in my mind one November morning as I stood alone before that cross. I thought of the pope’s designation of this place as Golgotha, and I recognized the ancient Christian impulse to associate extreme evil with the fate of Jesus, precisely as a way of refusing to be defeated by that evil. The New York Times, First Chapters.

A Lung Scan Raises Hope and Doubts - Few things in contemporary medicine are as important as the debate over how to prove a screening test's usefulness, and when to offer the test to the public. That's the debate that now surrounds spiral CT. Washington Post

The Snail Mail That'll Kill You - The Klingerman Virus is just another one of those festive "you must forward me to everyone you know" e-mails that are meant to scare many and amuse some. Wired

Main Squeeze - Is a lifelong love affair with the accordion something one should talk about in public? Feed Magazine

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